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Indonesia is an archipelago country famous with its cultural and traditional diversities whether its original or adaptation with all of its combination. And craft products are also part of national inheritance which need to be maintained and preserved so that it can become national asset.

Craft industries in Indonesia have started to show its potential, it is proven on the increasing number of local craftsmen with new innovations and creativities of brand new products. Promising economic demands and market opportunities have made these industries to become more interesting and reliable to explore with a glimmer of hope for national economic growth and improvement.

This is the main role of INACRAFT, harmonious with its main theme From Smart Village to Global Market, is to raise and to facilitate those crafts products to the higher level of commerciality and artistic aesthetic. Acknowledged as one of the biggest and the most complete handicraft exhibition in Indonesia and also as the promotional event for local handicraft product to reach domestic and international with its high quality, INACRAFT 2014, which adopts the Central Java cultural inheritance as its main icon, is also aimed juga to develop creative economy product in order to improve export quality of Indonesian craft products to be one of the alternative source for supporting national economy in this global free-trade era. With its sub-theme " Creating Market Opportunities, Developing Craft Industries and Improving Creative Economy" , this exhibition is expected to show the existence and compatibility of Indonesian craft creative industries to the international craft community in the middle of market competition of similar products between countries in the world.

The 16th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT 2014) is the 14th times of INACRAFT accomplishment organized by The Association of Exporter and Producer of Handicraft of Indonesia (ASEPHI) in collaboration with Mediatama Binakreasi and will be held on April 23 - 27, 2014, at Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center.

The annual implementation of INACRAFT has become the icon of Indonesian handicraft product exhibition as well as the government annual agenda which consistently developing from its aspect of quantity and quality.

Exhibition Profile

Exhibition Name


The 16th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair - INACRAFT 2014



From Smart Village to Global Market



23 - 27 April 2014

Opening Hours


10.00 am. - 09.00 pm

Exhibition Hall


Hall A & B, Cendrawasih Hall, Plenary Hall, Assembly Hall & Main Lobby. Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta - Indonesia

Focused products


Indonesian Handicrafts (Gifts, Housewares, Fashion Product, Jewellery)